Cheat Ammo Hack Wild Ones Desember 2010

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5.xx-cheat engine
Brain is still fresh

Wild-open ones, into the practice,, set the timer to turn 25 / 35 sec
 -open, select the browser which is used
Teleporter weapon-select, scan valuenya with value type: 4byte, scan continues until the remaining 1 address
-Double click it and click kana address, select the find out what writes to this address, then click yes,, it would appear (2) new window,, close the small window which (if any)
-Back to the wild ones and use the teleporter 1 time only
-Back to the new window (large), there appeared an article "change of mov, click on it, and select replace
2x-click stop under the window on the right end of it, so terclose by itself ...

-Back to the wild ones and use weapons with the rest of Ammo 1,, see the result,, x99!
-For more satisfactory results,, go to the change weapon, and then put the mouse cursor over the weapon like poison cloud,, press shift + 1, then the weapon will be mounted on item 1
-Back to the game, we use the missiles, fired missiles jgn it before ... we cukuup press "1", and then we will get the poison cloud without ammo, but can be used because we already use the x99 hack or Ammo hack

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