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Beautiful South Coast
Tuesday, 17 2010 | 04:18:00 AM
South Coastal very potencial rich tourism . Long coastline to serve the beauty that was almost unparalleled in the world no. Vast ocean that is owned, serving the small islands that holds the  very very beauty . Waves, ripples never stop singing over sloping beaches. Anyway, that beauty will not disappoint, even like will appear for each of its visitors when the place was managed with slick (well) as a tourist attraction. All of it, as long as it is not never been visited by foreign tourists (tourists) and Archipelago (Vishnu), but new figures just release said. The visit is still small-scale tourism. Yet can turn on local economy. Contributions to local communities has not been so real. Why does it happen? many things that make it, ranging from the minimum of facilities and supporting infrastructure that is owned, until on ineffective promotions. If viewed from visiting the stricken area, although there was an increase from the year to year, but that number is still quite small. So that the development of tourism in the county is still quite slow (slow). Since the last few years a shift in the numbers go up stairs was getting a bit big. Match Data Service Arts and Cultural Tourism local districts, in 2007, visiting both the Archipelago or Worldwide as many as 51 116 inhabitants, up from the previous year (2006) that only 30 246 inhabitants. Unlike previous years, the growth figure is still far from potential. Given this, the District Government through the Department of Tourism Arts and Culture since the beginning of this year's middle-intense incentive to sell the potential of every related directions. Various media to be facilitated on a guide to promote tourism in the region. Almost every day with the Field Office of the promotions in his service through his days with various activities of Tourism. They seemed to never again know the rest of your free time or activities. It's just not a lot of activities that lead to physical or infrastructure supporting tourism, all the more hard-wired in the campaign. Suppose, attractions and other important ivent ivent-often held. Not just in the district that, until the exit area continues to be followed. This is nothing to the achievement of target visits. Recently promotion via tail impressions Television (TV), then within a recently also, at least the year 2008 and have attended more of a guide to this district of Sumatra, also in order promotion Tourism in the area. From the visit of the Guide is expected to raise the level of South Coast visiting the fore with the promotion of tourism that will be done candidat tourisms. With the increase in tourist visits are expected to impact positively on the economy that Regency society, in accordance with the objective to promote tourism to the area by increasing the number of visits Worldwide tours. Many people from the South Coast communities, said the arrival was a very good guide for the rapid advancement of tourism in this region. If necessary establishes cooperation relationship between the District Government through the Department's related to the Guide. No harm, to give rewards (bonuses) to them (guide) who managed to attract the most tourist visits to this region. Increasing number of tourism visits to the South Coast are some of the results of their efforts in promoting regional tourism is to the eyes of the world. Thus, the proper course is given a bonus to those who contributed. Tourism potential of the South Coast is owned by very large and abundant. But so far not been managed in a professional manner. Because, in addition to unavailability of adequate infrastructure and facilities for visiting anglers, reliable power is expected to spur tourism development that is not owned by Regency. Objects of nature and marine tourism potential to be developed, just settle, go ahead and visit
it developed not yet visible. While there, but yet so powerful. South Coast Tourism development is running, but slow (slow). It can be seen on Tourism, which is still limited access. Supporting infrastructure owned by the District Tourism is still not adequate. Tourism so that visitors have not sensed a calmness. While the concept of promotion of the offices involved during this time are still not attract tourists to visit this area. So it was for expedite road, all must be addressed first. Tourism Department to conduct the grand designs in the future. Local traditions should be shown and the guts to be strengthened. Art-traditional art is also not lost its appeal for tourists to visit the regions of tourism. During this time, it is also almost forgotten by so it does not appear on the surface. It also should be raised and promoted again, like the Rabab Pasisie, fish trap Pessel Gilo and other traditional arts

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